Optimizing Unity game performance

Introduction So, you have a game that you build for the world to play. Congratulations. You sent out the game to your family and friends to test the game for you to gather their feedback so that you can work out some problems before you make a public release. In some cases, you might have…(Continue Reading)

Connecting Unity with a database using Python Flask REST WebService

Introduction In some cases, we have games where we need to store various data into a database for future retrieval. Unity has its own PlayerPref library that can store player data. However to make things more flexible and have control on how the data would be stored and how it would be maintained online, we…(Continue Reading)

Unity C#: Beautiful Coroutines

There are some actions which takes time as a primary factor. There are actions that are needed to performed over time, or there are functions that are needed to be performed on the background while a particular function is running. Consider the following code in the Update function in the MonoBehaviour of the Unity Script.…(Continue Reading)

Unity C# Directives: For improving re-usability of code and enabling cross-platform compatibility.

In most of my projects, I do have to work on VR applications that are needed to be ported to different VR systems. It could be for HTC Vive or Oculus (Go, Rift) or any other third party VR systems that uses its own SDKs. It is true that for each project we can build…(Continue Reading)

Creating a git repository for the first time and share the code in GitHub

I guess all companies in the software industries maintain one or more configuration management tool to manage the ongoing development and testing process. It is important to track changes so that development is consistent among people involved in a development and testing project. GitHub is one platform where developers share their code as a means…(Continue Reading)

Unit Testing Basics in Python in Test Driven Development Environment

Introduction At one point, I came across a company, for which I was applying for a position. I was asked to build a Tic Tac Toe game, but here was the challenge: I have to maintain SOLID design principles and the code has to be tested properly. Here the S stands for Single Responsibility Principle,…(Continue Reading)

Setup and launch the first test on APPIUM on Android device using Java

Today we are going to setup and launch the first test on APPIUM on Android device. This is applicable only to Windows system and should have access to an Android Device. I was using JDK version 1.8.0 at the time I wrote this. The primary language that I will use here is Java. 1.¬†Install Java…(Continue Reading)