Unit Testing Basics in Python in Test Driven Development Environment

Introduction At one point, I came across a company, for which I was applying for a position. I was asked to build a Tic Tac Toe game, but here was the challenge: I have to maintain SOLID design principles and the code has to be tested properly. Here the S stands for Single Responsibility Principle,…(Continue Reading)

Project: Rube Goldberg Concept (Udacity Nanodegree Project)

Introduction During my coursework and before my final project (Defender), I was asked to create a Rube Goldberg Game. As the name says it all, it is a showcase where different sets of objects or  machines are set in a way, so that a movable object can go from the start to finish, through these…(Continue Reading)

Project: Demo Augmented Reality Children Art Book

I was always fascinated with the idea of using augmented reality in various day to day activities. Recently I came across a sweet little thing called Vuforia and triggered me to learn the system. I started with experimenting with a single page and create contents using Unity and finally port it on an Android device…(Continue Reading)

Project: Defender (SteamVR Demo Game)

Introduction Defender is a one level demo game that shows the SteamVR capability for use in Unity development. In Defender, you play as a hero that goes to the village to beat the bandits, save the hostage and diffuse the bomb to save the village. The level has two objectives: defeat all the bandits and…(Continue Reading)

Project Night at the School (Udacity Nanodegree project)

Introduction School Museum is a virtual reality app designed for Android smartphone, built using Unity Engine, which features a school in a virtual setting, consisting five rooms. Each room showcases different applications where VR technology could be used in the education sector. Among the 5 showcases, one of them is an idea and the other…(Continue Reading)

Project: Puzzler (One of Udacity VR Nanodegree Project)

Introduction Puzzler is a prototype virtual reality game designed for Android smartphone, built using Unity Engine, which features a dungeon containing floating puzzle pieces that glows and makes a sound in a sequence when the user enters the dungeon. The objective of the game is exactly similar to Simon Says where the user has to…(Continue Reading)

Setup and launch the first test on APPIUM on Android device using Java

Today we are going to setup and launch the first test on APPIUM on Android device. This is applicable only to Windows system and should have access to an Android Device. I was using JDK version 1.8.0 at the time I wrote this. The primary language that I will use here is Java. 1. Install Java…(Continue Reading)