Project: A concept Unity ChatBot based on IBM Watson API

When I came across Unity asset store. I noticed there was an IBM Watson SDK, which was offered to the developers. I followed suit and explored more around the API. I came across a medium that explains how to create a Chatbot. I would love to see how an animated chatbox can be made. So this is created, using Unity Multiple Avatar 2 or UMA2 and Salsa for lip syncing. As for the conversation is concerned, the bot is given specific responses to several common questions, which can be set up in IBMWatson dashboard. I have used IBM Watson SDK’s speech to text, text to speech and assistant functionalities.

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  1. Just what I was looking for. Can you please advise me of what I would need to develop something like this?

    1. Basically you need to have IBM Watson Assistant SDK for Unity which you can get it from Unity Asset Store. The Watson Unity package has got all the necessary example scenes for Speech-To-Text and Assistant functionalities. You just simply need to accommodate their example scripts in a scene. You however need to create a IBM Watson Developer account here: and later create new speech to text and assistant modules from there and finally get the necessary appids and keys to enter into the components in the Watson Manager. While creating the assistant module you can create several intents and entities to build up conversation. You can test those conversation in the Watson site. I am using a third party plugin from Asset Store which is called Salsa with RandomEyes that simulates lipsync function. The model that you are going to use should have all the necessary blend shapes for both eyes and mouth to make it useful for Salsa and Random Eyes. The example scene from Salsa will give you more insight. If you have any questions, let me know or you can email me at [email protected]

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